The Riding Stable

PRICE:  Varies per camp

Camps run Monday through Friday

TIME:  8:30 am -- 4:00 pm pick up

Campers are eligible at age 7, or younger if a current student.

ENROLLMENT:  12 campers per week maximum

                 A camp week will entail....

safety and how to be around horses safely,
horsemanship 101 & up, grooming, tacking, arena riding, trail riding and we will end with a Family Horse Show.


Camp 1:  June 19-23 Topic: Trail course
$250/camper -----COMPLETED

Camp 6:  July 24-28 Topic: Trail, English/Western 
$250/camper-----HAS OPENINGS

Camp 7:  July 31- Aug 4 Fun Camp (No Horse Show)
$275/camper: includes admission to animal park------HAS OPENINGS

PLEASE mail payments to:

Anette Veschak/The Riding Stable, LLC
67577 Lake Trail
Lakeville, In 46536

Please make checks payable to:
The Riding Stable

Campers need to have pants with preferably tall socks and shoes that cover their feet 100% & a long sleeved shirt for P.C.S.P.  Shorts can be packed daily and an extra change of clothes is recommended to keep on hand.
****Campers need to pack a lunch daily.  
****2 bottles of water will be provided daily.
Drop off time is NOT before 8:30 am, unless prior arrangements have been made.  Pick up time is BY 4:00 pm.

It is very important that I am aware of any allergies or medical conditions your child may have.

Application deadlines:

**Applications need to be in two weeks prior to camp date.  
~~Late applications will only be accepted if there is room.  
**Cannot guarantee size of camp shirt on late entries.

I am looking forward to yet another fun-filled camp year!


What is needed to sign-up?  You will need to print the following forms per camper.  Click each button (4), print and mail in each form with check. (ALL 4 PLEASE) (YOU ONLY NEED 1ST PG OF RELEASE, SIGN THE BOTTOM OF PG)