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Catch a glimpse of some of the horses here at 
"The Riding Stable".  Check often and they will change or more will be  added!  If you have taken photos while at the stable and would like to share them with us please send them via email!                                                                

updated on 12/6/2010

 Cookie has been the lead trail horse for many years.  He now does some leading and following.  He is our residential "old man" at 30 years young.

Below & above to the right are some pictures from our Trail Rides of the past...

 Miss Libby, loved by so many!  She was our gentle giant and is greatly missed.  Though she is remembered daily since we still have her daughter Scarlett.

Below is Lexi on Poco with , the love of her life, with China in hand. Below that she is on Scarlett.
Christine on Trusty Rusty in Ohio (below)

 Cookie is at the hitching post getting his shoes reset by our stables horseshoer.

 Miss Scarlett too is a hit.  She has a personality that is awesome!  Fun to ride,eager to please and even more eager to be rewarded!  Make sure the treats are on hand for this one too.

Chase a top of Cookie at the waterfall, Hueston Woods State Park, Ohio

Above is Julia on Rusty, & Evie on Skye.

Bob on Murphy, yes adults can start at any age too!!

 This is what happens when you let your horse dress himself!