Paisley Princess Bath & Beauty Products

*ALL Hot-Processed Soaps
are superfatted with...

Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  and Vegetable Glycerin.  Some will have yogurt too!

**All handmade soaps should be kept dry between uses on an airy soap dish.
**Hard-water will effect the sudsiness, but your soap will still get you clean and moisturized.

** Enjoy your sulfate & chemical-free clean!

The following soaps are all Hot-Processed.

Our "Valentine" soap averages 4 to 4.5 ounces & has a fabulous lilac scent that will not only leave you smelling, but feeling great.
$5.50       *Same scent lotion bar & bath truffle

$ 5.50 USD

Elle Naturelle is free of fragrance!  Has a touch of surface glitter, but it can be rinsed off. These were made in a heart shape for the holiday, but regular bars will be available as well.
$4.00                       This bar averages 3 ounces.

Elle Naturelle

$ 4.00 USD

Fragrance and color Free.

Pink Diamonds has a sweet floral scent under toned with a light musk.  Soft to the senses and soft to the touch.  This bar will average 5+ ounces.
$6.50          **Same scent lotion bar and bath truffle

Pink Diamonds

$ 6.50 USD

Blue Breeze is a uni-sex scent that has a floral & citrus scent with a deep woodsy undertone.  It is a very clean smell and will leave you silky soft.  This bar will average 5 ounces.

Blue Breeze

$ 6.50 USD

Black Gold is our first charcoal soap and is uni-sex.  Great for skin that is oily, has acne, or just needs a clean detox.  Makes fun grey suds that rinse away leaving you autumn fresh.
$5.50      This bar will average 4 ounces.

Black Gold

$ 6.50 USD

Mocha Me Feel Good is an exfoliating bar with a hint of real cocoa powder.  Mocha is enriched with coffee grounds to produce a very light scratch to remove and sloth away dead skin cells.  Mocha has added Apricot & Argan oils to leave regenerated skin refreshed.
$5.50          This bar will average 4 ounces.

Mocha Me Feel Good

$ 5.50 USD

Blue Hawaii is below.  This is a MEN'S soap.  Blue has a great fragrance that resembles "Cool Water for Men".  Blue offers all the benefits of our other skin nourishing soaps.  Ladies pamper your man with a bar of this!    
$6.50               Bars average 5 ounces. *Pictured on the left of photo

Blue Hawaii

$ 6.50 USD

Perfect for the MAN in your life.

Above to the right of the picture is Pink Lilacs, the name says it all.  I apologize for the photo, but I wanted to make it known. 
Pink Lilacs offers all the amazing skin benefits as the other Hot-Processed soaps.

$6.50                                        Bars average 5 ounces

Pink Lilacs

$ 6.50 USD