Paisley Princess Bath & Beauty Products

Cold Processed Soaps

*All have a 7% super-fat added to the recipe for extra moisturizing properties for your skin.  *Unless specified differently!

*Be sure to keep soap dry between uses on an airy soap dish.

*Hard-water will effect the sudsiness of your soap, but your soap will still get you clean and moisturized.

*Enjoy your sulfate & chemical-free clean!
Honey Almond has a very soft fragrance and a soft touch.  This soap will produce more lather than suds.  Will leave you with a great clean and great for shaving your legs ladies!
$3.50 to 5.50                Bars will average 2 ounces to 4 ounces

Honey Almond

$ 3.50 USD

Smaller bar

Honey Almond

$ 5.50 USD

There are 2 sizes for this bar.

Easter is a beauty & has a glitter sheen on the top!  Graced with Red Brazilian Clay helps with oily skin or those who may have body acne.  It also improves elasticity of the skin which gives you a "lifting" feel.  Yellow Silt Clay nourishes and detoxifies your skin.  Both clay's are gentle enough for any skin type and plenty of super-fat to not dry your skin.
$7.00                       These bars average 5  ounces.


$ 7.00 USD

Lilac Swirl will kiss your skin with the scent of lilac's and oils. I love how this soap makes me feel and smells.  Then again, I love them all!
$4.00                   These bars average 3.5 ounces.

Lilac Swirl

$ 4.00 USD