Paisley Princess Bath & Beauty Products

Here you will find some very "Pampering" products...

Kids LOVE bath bombs.  Our bath bombs are full of bubbles and large in size.

Some will have surprises, others not.

**Bling Bombs are NEW.  These are Bath Bombs for HER.  These will have a STERLING SILVER PLATED RING (they're stamped) in them.   Here's an example:

These are available in Aquamarine, Ruby, or Emerald colors, or without any stone.

TRUFFLES will make the BEST bath ever...
Bubbles, Butters, and Fizz.  Dim the lights, have a glass of wine, & chill for the next 20 minutes.

 Foaming Bath Whip

This product is SO versatile.  Wash your entire body, hair, or shave with it!
Whipped soap provides plenty of slip and glide.  Will leave you fresh and clean.  You may choose a color and fragrance when ordering this product.

*All of the above products contain naturally derived ingredients from coconuts, but are still chemically processed.


Bubble Bath Bombs

Jumbo:  $10.00
Large or with toy:  $8.00
Surprise:  $6.00
Large bag of BBB crumbles:  $6.00
Regular:  $5.00
Small:  $3.00
Mini:  $1.00

Bling Bath Bombs


Bath Truffles

Scoops:  $4.00
Slices:  $6.00

Bubble Scoops


Foaming Bath Whip:  Used for Shaving, Hair, and Body

Large 8 ounce jar:  $12.99
Medium 6 ounce jar: $10.99
Small 4 ounce jar:  $6.99